Women’s Temple

I hold regular Women’s Temple circles in Frome, Somerset, as well as private and ad-hoc ones in London, the UK and beyond.

Temple is a safe and sacred haven for the feminine where we come together in sisterhood to mirror, celebrate and empower each other.

Come and claim your seat: the circle awaits.

Temple is a profoundly healing and life-affirming experience for modern woman. In the circle, we can drop our armour, sink into the body and our innate wisdom and meet one another in our full beauty, power and wisdom. It is a rare and sacred thing, and offers a delicious balm for the comparison, judgment, jealousy and gossip that many women have experienced in their journey through life.

In Temple, we explore spirituality and awakening through the portal of the women's body, in the remembrance that what we are longing for is already within us. It is not about theory, ideas or dogma but a lived and embodied experience of the magic of the here and now - honouring each other as divinity in embodied form.

There is meditation, mantra, movement, enquiry and respectful feminine touch, as well as plenty of surprises... The practices we work with, shared with me by the Awakening Women sisters, powerfully root us in the present through our bodies, and our capacity to intuitively support and hold space for one another in circle, allowing us to unravel and melt into our innate wisdom and radiance in a profoundly touching way (examples below).

The Frome Temple runs monthly and the next one is on October 23, 7-9.30pm. For more info and to reserve a place please email xochirosemoon@gmail.com

If you would like to inquire about a private Temple circle, please get in touch.


Examples of the Temple Group practices we will explore:

~ Entering deeper into our bodies through dance, stretching and free flow of movement. We practice respectful touch to nourish each other and bring even more presence with our bodies, as we also cultivate a deep trust in our body's boundaries and signals.

~ Recognising and honouring each woman's beauty, gifts, most true expression, essence, soul colours. Mirroring and celebrating each other.

~ Creating beauty and connection through free expression of our feelings, through bodily and vocal expression.

~ Embodying the different aspects of the divine feminine (Kali, Tara, Durga, Aphrodite...) and supporting each other in expressing qualities we may hide.

~ Prayer and gratitude, allowing and opening up to our deepest devotion.

~ Creating beautiful ceremonies for each other as we go through different life passages.

- Awakening Women