“Three moons; opening, connection, expansion, sharing, being held, speaking, silence, hearing and deepening.  Realising this path home, whilst sometimes lonely,  is so much more shared than I ever believed.  I am grateful to you Xochi and this process, in the comfort of my own space  and still being able to safely connect with other women. I’m grateful for the commitment and investment to myself whilst reaching out for hands that were already waiting” - Grace (Online Sister Temple, Cycle 1) 


“I chose to work with Xochi through being drawn to her work on motherhood mentoring… Xochi has so much beautiful wisdom and is so tapped into the divine feminine, it felt deeply nourishing and a sacred gift to give myself as I walked into motherhood more present to the emotional and spiritual changes that were taking place.

We talked about my relationship to my body and my womb, the changing relationship with my partner and my sexual life and of course, the gifts and pure surrender of motherhood in all stages from the pregnancy, to the birth and then post-partum as I welcomed my daughter into the world.

After my sessions with Xochi I felt more grounded, trusting of myself and my unique path and clearer in my role as a mother and what I needed to support myself and my new life.

She also surprised me with wonderful gifts throughout my journey such as books, crystals and ritual practices to deepen my connection with my ancestors and all the women gone before me, this was very powerful” - Nikki (Motherhood Mentoring)


“Thanks again for such a special circle. It was so beautiful and I feel immense gratitude for you putting together such a thoughtful gathering and ever so gently guiding us home… I feel relieved to finally be listening to these stirrings within me calling me home and also be surrounded by likeminded women… I went home feeling exhausted but totally filled up” - Victoria (Dream Weaving)


“It felt so good to dance, connect with my growing baby and sink my fingertips into the fresh soil; placing scented flowers, leaves and herbs into a collaborative prayer mandala - celebrating motherhood, womanhood and LIFE. Thank you” - Camilla (Dream Weaving)


“A beautiful afternoon, sharing and connecting together and creating the wonderful altar… thank you for the lovely gift" - Nicola (Dream Weaving)


"Xochi is quickly becoming the face of millennial healing in London"

- goop

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