To be a woman is to hold a world of wisdom and knowing within. Everything you need to navigate a conscious, graceful and embodied life is already inside of you. 


For ad-hoc sessions via Skype or Face Time, book below or email xochirosemoon@gmail.com | investment: £80 / 60 minutes


This is an invitation to join me on a powerful journey of self discovery and growth, as we decode and peel away the layers of conditioning which keep our wisdom as women locked away. Working together, we uncover a roadmap to your life which allows you to flourish authentically as the unique, beautiful goddess that you are.

Committing to eight one-to-one online sessions, we will use a variety of tools to create a personal practice which honours our place within the cycles of the earth, the moon and our own lives as women. We will uncover ways to reclaim what has for too long been taken from us and rise up with presence, power and purpose. 

If you are a Mother, there is a tailored journey for you - see below. 


Rooted in our innate connection to the natural world, the framework calls on the yearly cycles and the elements to guide us in unlocking the roadmap to the self. In this way we stay directly connected to our land, our home, our place of belonging as we dive within. Within Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, each stage of the cycle allows us to connect to nature in new ways, and tune in to our own life seasons as well (Maiden, Mother, Crone and the in-between), punctuated by the wheel of the year: from the growth and regeneration of Spring and the fire and light of Summer, to the transitional flavour of Autumn and Winter's quiet, inward turn.

Working with nature and our innate feminine gifts, we explore the energy and qualities within and around us; honouring our lunar and own menstrual cycles alongside, we begin to understand the energetic framework in which we are functioning as womb-yn much more fully. This allows an informed journey within as we begin to release, redefine, and remember, coming home to our innate female intuition, sensitivity and sexuality, and cultivating a sacred sense of empowerment, self-love, trust, vitality and authenticity as women and sisters on this path.

This journey is for you if:

- you want to dive deeper into your true goddess nature

- you recognise the call of supportive sisterhood and coming together to share, grow, heal and be witnessed and heard in this

- you want to cultivate a more profound connection to nature, the earth and the natural rhythms that govern our daily lives

- you have somehow lost touch with your intuition, sense of power and self-belief

- you are stressed, exhausted or feel stuck - creatively, sexually, energetically, socially...

- you want to dive deeper into your sexuality, the sacred mysteries of your womb and yoni and the pleasure that is your birthright 

- you already have a spiritual practice but would like to deepen and expand it

- you are new to spirituality, meditation or any kind of inner work but feel a call to explore your inner sky 

- you have lost touch with your unique female gifts or would like to learn new ways to fully embrace your sacred feminine essence

- you would like to learn how to honour and understand your menstrual cycle as the sacred and empowering gift that it is

Principal themes that we will use and explore:

  • Altar work

  • Meditation and breath

  • Intention setting and purpose

  • Journalling

  • Guided earth-based practice and ceremony

  • Lunar and menstrual cycle awareness and ritual

  • Ancestral connection

  • Honouring the female archetypes

  • Creative exploration

  • Nutrition

  • Aromatherapy and plant allies

You will receive your own bespoke altar and medicine bundle, with which to begin the journey.

Motherhood mentoring

The Mother Way: the sacred path of motherhood

“I chose to work with Xochi through being drawn to her work on motherhood mentoring, I was pregnant with my first child and was seeking a deeper experience in the transition from maiden to mother and all that this entailed.

Xochi has so much beautiful wisdom and is so tapped into the divine feminine, it felt deeply nourishing and a sacred gift to give myself as I walked into motherhood more present to the emotional and spiritual changes that were taking place.

We talked about my relationship to my body and my womb, the changing relationship with my partner and my sexual life and of course, the gifts and pure surrender of motherhood in all stages from the pregnancy, to the birth and then post-partum as I welcomed my daughter into the world.

After my sessions with Xochi I felt more grounded, trusting of myself and my unique path and clearer in my role as a mother and what I needed to support myself and my new life.

She also surprised me with wonderful gifts throughout my journey such as books, crystals and ritual practices to deepen my connection with my ancestors and all the women gone before me, this was very powerful.”

- Nikki

There is no initiation quite like that of Motherhood. In the sacred moments of conception and birth, we are irrevocably transformed as women as the miracle of creation unfolds from deep within. 

The path of Mother and the immense experiences it contains hold many jewels and challenges, and in this powerful process of galvanisation we crystallise as women, partners, wives and sisters. We rise as diamonds from the mantle, devoted warrioresses with the world in our arms.


We step up. We expand. We shine.

The path of love that parenting sets us upon can be one of the most joyous, expansive and heart-opening experiences a human can have. At other moments, the journey can seem exhausting, overwhelming, emotional and lonely in the patriarchal and individualistic society in which many modern Western mothers find themselves. Elders, sisters and support can feel few and far between, while birth trauma and pre- and postpartum complications can leave us suddenly disembodied, fragmented and out of true touch with our spirit, our wombspace, our intuition and our trust. The immersion is total; and as we settle into the role, the fading of our former identities and the shifting balance of our days and relationships can also leave us feeling ungrounded, thinly spread and disoriented. The Maiden is being let go of, and a new archetype and lineage are calling.

There is great healing and medicine within the moments of confusion, collapse and disorientation that are particular to motherhood. The teachings are profound and deeply sacred if we allow ourselves to be taken fully by the journey in all its challenging intensity, supported, heard and witnessed in sacred sisterhood and held by each other and the wisdom of all those who came before us. What our children teach us about compassion, patience, trust and service can change us forever, and honouring the enormous gifts that becoming a mama can give us is a deeply nourishing practice. And as we learn to give back to ourselves and open up to once again receive, we find new energy and flow in our daily lives.

Adapting the above framework (Elemental exploration, altar work, meditation and breath, intention, prayer, earth-based practice and ritual, ancestral connection, lunar and cycle awareness, nutrition, creativity, plant allies) to the Motherhood journey, we will work together to recognise and honour this sacred path, however it is unfolding.

Rooting back down in nature, we will explore ways in which we can resource ourselves and build a gentle spiritual practice into even the busiest of days.

We will decode your view of parenthood and inherited ideas of how to do it.

We will grieve the Maiden and honour the parts of you that were left behind, to make space for the new mystery unfurling. 

We will get creative in finding ways for you to nourish yourself, both physically and energetically, so that you can better serve your family from a place of presence and vitality.

We will foster deep gratitude and appreciation, even on those days when they seem far away.

We will be gentle, nurturing and soft as we find our map back to You

And we will plant ourselves deeply in our own great mother, Earth. It is mothers themselves who hold the immense strength, love and wisdom with which we can carve a more harmonious and reciprocal existence with her, and she needs us now more than ever. In working closely with the Earth and the elements, we will re-establish our innate relationship with Pachamama as both teacher and provider - the ultimate mama and guide. 

You will receive your own bespoke altar and medicine bundle, with which to begin the journey.

Sessions are held via Skype / Face Time, with regular WhatsApp check-ins and support.


~ Basic - 5 x 75 minute sessions and bespoke practice plans: £700. This journey is best for those who would like to experience this path and have some prior experience of meditation, healing or therapeutic work

~ Immersive - 8 x 90 minute sessions and bespoke practice plans: £1500. This journey is best for those looking for a deeper initiation into an immersive and transformational journey of ritual and self-enquiry within the sacred ways of the wise woman.

Payment plans are available, for more information, please get in touch. You are welcome to meet online for a 20 minute session beforehand to explore the work and if it is right for you.


I am immensely grateful to have been taught by wonderful teachers and guides from a variety of traditions, and continue to receive their wisdom and learn more about myself and the Feminine every day as I walk this earth. We never stand still. 

This quest, this map is for your life - no one else's. We are all unique flowers and so is our path.

With love,


Illustration by Robin Lea Quinlivan