Dream Weaving Women's Cacao + Altar journey, Frome, May 12


Dream Weaving Women's Cacao + Altar journey, Frome, May 12


Join me in Frome for a deeply nourishing afternoon spent in sisterhood as we relax, share and create together. In a safe and sacred space, we will tune in to our innate female essence as we open up our bodies and hearts and drop in to our creative centre. We will then co-create a beautiful altar together to celebrate Summer and express our own prayers.

The afternoon is offered a space to come and be yourself exactly as you are. Nothing is required but presence and and open mind and heart. Held by one another, we can feel free to unfurl as we need - to relax, rest, move, release, slow down, soften… There will be the option to journey with plant allies cacao and damiana, in a sub-ceremonial dose, allowing us to drop into our feeling bodies and tune in to our essence that lies beneath the daily roles we play as mothers, wives, partners, bosses, employees, lone star seeds in the whirlwind of modern life. Together we will meet one another in a very beautiful space of simply being. You will also receive a surprise gift to take home.

What others have said:

“Thanks again for such a special circle. It was so beautiful and I feel immense gratitude for you putting together such a thoughtful gathering and ever so gently guiding us home… I feel relieved to finally be listening to these stirrings within me calling me home and also be surrounded by likeminded women… I went home feeling exhausted but totally filled up” - Victoria

“It felt so good to dance, connect with my growing baby and sink my fingertips into the fresh soil; placing scented flowers, leaves and herbs into a collaborative prayer mandala - celebrating motherhood, womanhood and LIFE. Thank you” - Camilla

“A beautiful afternoon, sharing and connecting together and creating the wonderful altar… thank you for the lovely gift" - Nicola


When: May 12, 2.30-5pm

Where: Pure Moves, Wesley Close, Frome, BA11 1EA



altar ceremonies for women

~ sisterhood, embodiment, creativity, prayer ~

Dream Weaving is a ceremonial women’s workshop designed to bring us together in a safe, sacred space from which to dream in a collective prayer, root ourselves in its vital energies and come together as sisters in a loving and gentle way.

Together in this sacred circle, we can honour a new season, initiation, event, cycle or celebration in a creative, gentle and feminine way, working with plants and the earth wherever we are.

As we tune into our bodies, reconnect to our unique inner beauty and open our intuitive creative channels, we co-create a beautiful seasonal Earth Altar together: a collective prayer woven together to honour the wheel of the year and mama earth. Aided by plant allies, we spend a day in gentle feminine ceremony.

Over the course of the workshop you will:

– be held in safe, nurturing feminine friendship
– share nourishing rituals that reconnect you to your powerful feminine essence
– leave the busy mind behind and tune deeply into your body, your senses and your wombspace
– co-create a beautiful seasonal altar, weaving your own prayer for the season ahead
– be heard and witnessed as a woman and sensitive, wise being
– step into a space of joy, celebration and love
– receive your own sacred gift to take home and delicious medicinal plant ally treats

To enquire about holding a circle for your own ceremony, event or celebration, email xochirosemoon@gmail.com


~ Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire, August 3, 4.15pm ~

Women’s Altar + Cacao Journey

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